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As more and more people around the world get vaccinated, people tend to restart their before Covid19 life. Many of them have now realized that climate change and biodiversity loss are major issues to tackle. So, they try small gestures like stopping buying plastic straws or choosing a product with a recyclable packaging (but with no solution to recycle it), this could be a good start.

However, do not lose yourself in these small gestures, OK they help but they tend to keep the system in its current form. Do not be wrong, what saved you in the 2020 decade was a deep system redesign.

So, encourage regenerative entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs in all forms who recreate a new system beside the big one. Even if their visions may seem impossible at the beginning, some of them will probably make it. It could be the new zero waste shop in your neighbourhood, a regenerative farmer next to your city or an ambitious established company that changed its entire business model. Redesigning new systems is one of the best levers to change the main one.

So, change your point of view and think big!
Joséphine from 2031

The Value Chain Canvas

A macro tool for a global vision

We are in a period of climate, energy and economic transition. Indeed, over the past decade, diversifying energy sources has become a shared priority. Many countries have ambitious targets concerning hydrogen and renewable energies by 2030 as states the latest IEA report.

This evolution in the energy sector, also true for others, is impressive and therefore it is essential to analyze such markets with a macro and long-term vision. We invite you to learn more about the Value Chain Canvas to take a snapshot of your market by going beyond the direct economic or environmental aspects...

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Embracing Sustainable Innovation

More and more technologies, designs and buildings are inspired by nature. Prizes and calls for projects are multiplying such as the Nature Inspiration Awards organized by the Canadian Museum of Nature.
In order to enhance this dynamic, Circulab is launching a new “Design with Biomimicry” program within the Circulab Academy.

"Achieve more with less and for the most," this is one of the mottos of frugal innovation. This concept invites us to challenge the response to basic needs and the use of resources in our economic activities. Navi Radjou speaks about it perfectly in his conferences or in his books.

At Circulab, frugal innovation is also one of our subjects. This is why we have been giving classes at ENSCI-Les Ateliers for the past 3 years. Last week we trained tomorrow’s architects, designers and engineers of the CTC and NID Specialized Masters.

We are still hiring!

Highlights of the community

Listen up

In Canada, Colienne Regout launched a new podcast "Unboxing Your Packaging". Online, listen to the 3 new podcasts published this month that give the mic to Circulab Community members. Catherine, Hélène and Colienne share their expertise and experience with you.

Also, Brieuc was invited on the podcast "Choose Your Impact" to talk about resource sobriety and how to act. Listen to the podcast, in French.

Our next events

Virtual events

Master Circular Design (in French)
8th June

Circulab Modeling Demo (in German)
10th June

Face to face events in France

Initial training Consultant – Circulab certification
Paris - 22nd June


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