Design for Regeneration
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Hi everyone,

As technological innovations still are on everyone's lips in 2022, I would like to talk about something that has drastically evolved by 2032: design.

For too long, design was considered as a way to improve the aesthetics and the desirability... but let's be honest, the main purpose was to sell more. In a world with much less resources available, what happened to this approach?

The term design went back to its basics, to the question of the meaning, the objective, what is it all for? And what is needed to make it happen? Two simple questions that unleash creativity and inventiveness for everyone's well being.

For example, look at SUVs. They became a true material bank for us in 2032. As you can imagine, producing a car that is 20 times heavier than its driver in our time is a complete no-go. The good news is that people are actually transforming these SUV's relics into electric bikes, trailers, batteries to power the neighbourhoods for example.

And believe me, without design, it would have been complicated, so reconsider the real need and the resources required to address these needs.

Enjoy your reading,
Joséphine from 2032

The future of design is circular

From design thinking to circular design

The pressure to sell has forced designers to favor the attractiveness of the product and user experience, only taking into consideration the short-term impact of their design choices.

This has consequences - on natural resources, our health and the health of our planet. Indeed, the European Commission estimates that 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined during its design stage.

How can we go a step further from Design Thinking to get out of the deadlock and properly consider the (eco)systems around the user?

Are you dealing with design choices in your work as a manager, entrepreneur or designer?
Join Justine Laurent, General Manager of Circulab, and Emily Lefebvre, founder of EmyDigital, Design Thinking Innovation Lab, on December 8th for an interactive webinar on how the design thinking approach can be augmented towards more circularity and regeneration.

Circular Economy Trends - November 2022

Looking to stay up to date on the latest circular economy news and trends?

Look no further: every month the Circulab community of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories share their selection of articles from the 5 continents.

Latest Circulab News

📰 A collective calls for Circular Economy to become the new paradigm
Too often confined to the notion of recycling or waste management, Circular Economy is a useful lever in terms of ecological transition, sovereignty and attractiveness, which companies, consumers and public authorities should take advantage of. Circulab joined a collective of major public and private players driving Circular Economy in France and signed this open editorial in Le Monde. ➜ Discover all the signatories here.

💻 Paris Zero Single-Use Plastic website is live
For the past three years, the City of Paris has been federating an ever-growing network of players working to make the city a territory free of single-use plastics by the time of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The city has just launched a new website with news, resources and webinars on the topic: and published its yearly report. Your organisation is based in Paris and you want to act on the topic? Watch this video explaining the initiative (in French) and join the network, animated by Circulab and led by the City of Paris.

🏨 Hospitality players gather for an annual congress
Hotels, restaurants and other economic players from the travel, tourism and hospitality sector put an increasing focus on the impacts of the food they sell to their clients, the energy consumption of their facilities, and the waste management. A few months ago Circulab trained the Corporate & Social Responsibility ambassadors of one of the main federations in the sector in France, GNI. On November 14th, Justine Laurent, Circulab's Managing Director, animated a round table at their annual congress. A delicious moment, and an inspiring experience!

🎓 The regenerative economy in focus in higher education
Circulab's founder Brieuc Saffré spoke at Gaïa, the program dedicated to the regenerative economy at Audencia (Business School of Nantes). With Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of the Emmaüs label, he shared business cases of the regenerative economy with the 170 students in the program.

Circulab Community Highlights

What are the community members up to?

💻 Circular Economy for digital marketing, by Phoebe Blackburn
Phoebe ran a talk and a workshop in Berlin for high-potential talents and senior managers from the US, France and other EU countries of a major digital marketing company. The participants worked in groups on the 5R - repair, re-use, refurbish, reduce and recycle - and discussed what the company can do to support each recovery loops and make it financially viable.

🎤 Circularity 2022, by Pippa Corry
Pippa shared her insights on the role design can play in behaviour and systems change to achieve a Circular Economy at the Circularity 2022 conference in Sydney.

🎓 A circularity day for the students in accounting at EPHEC, by Caroline Lovens and Charlotte Mikolajszak
EPHEC students in accounting visited Recycle, a second-hand bicycle concept store in Waterloo, Belgium, and used the Circular Canvas to find solutions responding to the company's current challenges in supply chain and financial viability.

💡 An introductory workshop on Circular Economy in Hong Kong, by Harry Li
Harry held a workshop for a group of industry representatives in Hong Kong to help them understand the Circulab methodology and implement circular business models.

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January 10th, 2023

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With Circulab community members Colienne Regout and Anne-Laure Bulliffon
December 15th

Circulab community member training (ENG)
January 2023

But who is Joséphine writing to us from the future?
Joséphine is the daughter of our co-founder Brieuc. She is only 5 today, so she probably won't respond if you write to her today. But we will 😃.

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