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Hi everyone from 2032,

My father told me that back in 2022, tech and digitalisation were still introduced like THE solution to most, if not all, of humanity’s problems. “Too much CO2? Don’t worry, a new technology will solve it”. “Biodiversity loss? Never mind, we’ll use a new technology to fix it.”

There was a popular movie that year that illustrated this ‘techno-bias’ by using the metaphor of an asteroid hitting Earth. In the movie, the scientific community came up with a plan to blow the asteroid off its course but a powerful tech magnate, realizing that the comet represented (literally) a gold mine of rare earth minerals, decided to use some unproven and untested tech to split the rock into smaller bits, in the hope of enabling the recovery of the minerals on Earth. Let’s just say that this plan B did not really work...

We see things differently now and in a much more balanced way. Well, yes, we still live in a digitalized world, but our relationship with technology has drastically changed.

Blockchains and distributed ledger technologies are everywhere and are the backbone of our distributed economies. But we create, deploy and use technologies whilst acknowledging their material and energy impacts as well as all the pros and cons.

We now also have accurate metrics, such as a regenerative index, circular rebound check helping us decide if we should deploy and scale a particular technology.

Importantly, the taxation of the for-profit digital ecosystem now acts as a regulating loop. If a digital application or a technology does not fit into the eco-systemic limits set under the Doughnut Economic, it is so heavily taxed that it just does not make it onto the market.

Enjoy your reading,
Joséphine from 2032

Is technology the answer to all our problems?

We now live in a digital world. That is a fact.

Digital technologies are transforming businesses, production processes, consumption trends, economies, culture and societies. Since the dawn of the internet in the 1960s, we are witnessing an exponential growth in computing power, miniaturization and cost reduction of technological devices.

However, such growth is, so far, dedicated to pursuing the maximization of linear, extractive and degenerative production and consumption processes.

Faster, better, stronger as the motto goes… Well, not that simple: faster - yes, better - possibly, and stronger - it depends.

In this month’s blog by Fabrice Sorin, Circulab Academy Manager, we take a look at digital technologies and how they could help the deployment at scale of a Circular Economy.

Circular Economy Trends - Special: Tech & Circular Economy

*This section is brought to you by the Circulab Community - a network of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 25+ countries.


  • Université Grenoble - Alpes - My IoT Game
    “‘My IoT: a discovery game aims to raise awareness and initiate a change in mindsets and behaviors regarding the impacts of the globalized micro and nano technology industry in an accessible, creative and engaging way.”

    Discover the serious game developed by Circulab community member Laetitia Thomas and listen to Laetitia explaining the concept.


  • Circular City Week New York
    The 2022 edition of the annual circular economy festival in New York City will take place on May 2-8, 2022. You can browse the programme or the case studies from the event’s partners and participants



Latest Circulab News

The Circulab community got stronger in 2021! In 5+ years of existence, the Circulab community became a striving and meaningful network of independent consultants, agencies and universities, who share the same vision to encourage regeneration all across the world.

All of the Circulab community members have been trained to use the Circulab methodology and tools which they empower with their respective local knowledge and complementary methodologies, as well as with their track record and expertise in specific industries.

The community boasts 100+ members implementing projects in 22+ locations around the world, from Australia to Peru and from Norway to China, and got even stronger over the past year:

  • 20 new members joined the Circulab community in 2021: 17 in France densifying our French network and extending it to new regions, 1 in Argentina, 1 in Mexico and 1 in Taiwan.
  • 13 new independent consultants and 7 agency representatives joined the crew, with the community now composed of approx. 60% of independent consultants, 32% agencies and 8% university professionals.
  • The community now offers over 20 different sectorial and methodological expertises, among which: biomimicry, business and product design, carbon footprint, waste management, collective intelligence, packaging, construction, agriculture, entrepreneurship and many more.

The new free course Teach the Circular Economy is now live! The course is for education professionals who want to get an introduction to the Circular Economy. You can enroll for the course any time here.

New dates have also been added for the other courses of the Circulab Academy, in English and in French:
  • There is still time to join the next kick-off of the Master Circular Design class, a 35-hour / 8-week comprehensive cohort-based training course. The next classes will start on March 8th (in English) and on April 5th (available in English and in French).
  • Registration is also on-going for the next course Design with Biomimicry - sign up before the start on March 1st (in English) or March 15th (in French).
  • Also, keep an eye on our upcoming course in circular packaging solutions. Sign up for the waiting list to be among the first on the learning squad!

Circulab was selected to join a group of experts to accompany projects incubated or accelerated by EcoCircUS, a European territorial cooperation project designed for startups with a special interest in circular economy. From February to June 2022 Circulab’s experts will provide group and personalized counsel to 6 start-ups among those selected by the programme, in order to empower them to build new, more sustainable and more resilient businesses. Visit the website to learn more (FR & IT).

Circulab continues building bridges between circular economy and design: our co-founders Justine Laurent and Brieuc Saffré have been providing trainings to current and future designers at ENSCI, first French school of art and design ranked in the world’s top-30 of the reputable QS World University Rankings. The courses led by Justine and Brieuc aim at providing Masters Degree students with knowledge about circular economy and how to make it a reality through design. Check out the programs if you are currently looking for a Masters.

30 projects have been selected by the CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile project’s accelerator CirCoAX in the framework of the EU programme COSME. Circulab is joining other circular economy leaders in accompanying some of the selected SMEs starting in March 2022. Discover more details in the press release (FR).

Circulab Community Highlights

What are the community members up to?

  • Members of the community are currently working on a new training and consultancy offer focused on digital technologies and circular economy. The offer will be available in French first and replicated in English and German at a later stage.
    A note for French companies: the French Government Agency for Ecological Transition, ADEME, offers financial support to boost eco-design approaches.
    Sign up here to be among the first to be informed about the launch of this offer.

Our next events and courses

Next online courses

Design with Biomimicry - EN
1st March

Design with Biomimicry - FR
15th March

Master Circular Design
- EN

8th March & 5th April

Master Circular Design
- FR

5th April

Next online events

Circular Canvas Demo by members of the Circulab community - FR
8th March

Next physical events

Eco-innovate your business model, a ‘serious game’ by Sofies, members of the Circulab community, hosted by Swiss Leaders - Lausanne - March 29th
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