Design for Regeneration
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Hello everyone,

I remember when I was little (which is now for you), I often saw plastic bottles, especially water bottles. In those days, it was normal to find so many of these, in supermarkets and discarded in the streets and in nature...

If it makes you feel any better, this plastic bottle madness will soon come to an end. Not that everyone started using a reusable water bottle overnight, but simply because the price of energy finally revealed that this distribution model was a complete nonsense.

Bottling water in a plastic bottle requires 1/5th of its content in oil equivalent. Manufacturing and transporting the bottles to the other side of the world was no longer economically viable when most countries seriously started to weaned themselves off oil. The good news is that local production and container deposit schemes quickly replaced this silly, single use model...

I'll leave you to imagine how your future-fit water bottle looks like in my time, meanwhile I'm going to enjoy my locally-produced apple juice.

Enjoy your reading,
Joséphine from 2032

The 3 high stakes to drive circular packaging solutions

Tomorrow's packaging will have to be "circular" or it will not be.

In recent years, a hunt for plastic packaging has been openly declared worldwide by angry citizens and NGOs to tackle waste and ocean pollution!  Several countries are legislating to force product manufacturers to eliminate, reduce, better recycle, or even reuse them.

In the framework of the World Circular Economy Forum, Circulab community members Anne-Laure Bulliffon and Colienne Regout gathered 6 panelists, experts from the packaging sector in Canada and Europe to explore how packaging could be the starting point to more circular products.

The contributions of these experts as well as Colienne's and Anne-Laure's experience in the field, inspired their latest article on our blog.

Are you struggling to choose the most sustainable packaging solution for your organisation?
Our online training course helps you screen your impacts and empowers you to make efficient and qualitative choices that make sense for your business, our planet and its people.

Circular Economy Trends - January 2023

Looking to stay up to date on the latest circular economy news and trends?

Look no further: every month the Circulab community of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories share their selection of articles from the 5 continents.

Latest Circulab News

🌱 Proudly and humbly supporting regeneration projects
At Circulab, ever since 2012 we have been committed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, cities and many more to shift towards more resilient models and design regenerative solutions. But we believe we can do even more by supporting other initiatives working towards regeneration. We are proud that we were able to donate 3.3% of our turnover in 2022 to these projects contributing to regenerate human and natural ecosystems which we selected as a team:
  • Coral Guardian, protecting and restoring coral reefs and empowering local communities,
  • Sea Shepherd, protecting marine wildlife worldwide,
  • SOS Méditerrannée, ensuring the rescue of life at sea,
  • Ferus, defending and preserving big predators in France,
  • MiniBigForest, creating participative urban forests,
  • SINGA, bringing locals and newcomers (people with refugee status and asylum seekers) together to engage in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects,
  • Terre de liens, empowering new biological agriculture initiatives,
  • Teragir, supporting cities, schools, hospitality players and young people with their sustainable initiatives.

👉 A guide for a zero single-use plastic administration
Did you know that the City of Paris developed a guide for the city's public agents on the single-use plastic? The guide was co-built with the various city departments, inspired by resources from No plastic in my sea, Réseau Consigne, M. & Mme Recyclage and pinpointed with the help of Circulab. The guide helps debunk "false good ideas" and provides a set of recommendations for different situations and use cases. ➜ Download the guide (in French).

👩‍🎓 ESSEC Global Circular Economy Chair kicked off its 2nd year
The class welcomes this year 31 students from 10 countries, different backgrounds (engineers, architects, managers, etc.) and one thing in common: a particularly strong interest and curiosity for the circular economy. The programme includes theory classes, visits to inspiring, pioneering sites or sites undergoing a transformation, application projects to think or rethink circular products, services or strategies in partnership with corporate sponsors, and many other initiatives and content. Justine Laurent, Circulab's General Manager, is the Head of Learning of the Chair. ➜ Learn more about the Chair.

🎤 A roundtable for a circular and citizen economy in Saint-Malo
Fabrice Sorin, head of Circulab Academy, was a guest at the opening day of the "Design and Circular Economy(s)" Festival, as part of the 3rd edition of France Design Week in the city of Saint-Malo. ➜ Watch the replay (in French) of the round table with the participation of Carole Le Bechec, President of the Climate, Transitions and Biodiversity Commission of the Brittany Region, Emmanuel Gomez, Hasenn and La Maillette, and Charles Judes, consultant and trainer, Design Permacomptable.

Circulab Community Highlights

What are the community members up to?

🇫🇷🇨🇭 New community members in France and Switzerland
With new members coming on board over the past weeks, the community got strengthened with new expertise and extended to new territories. Warm welcome to:
🔵 Roy Franke, in Zurich, an innovation coach and education management professional,
🟡 Sandra von Kaenel, in Swiss Jura, industrial equipment specialist,
🟣 Cedryc Jouniaux, in Paris, professional coach specialising in individual and collective excellence,
🟡 Frank Aufaure, in Paris, designer specialised in prospective and innovation methods,
🔴 Isabelle Clouet, in Chambéry, circular economy consultant actively contributing to federating circular economy players in Savoie,
🟢 Muriel Paris, in Caen, boasting years of experience in retail, IT, EdTech, management and HR,
🔵 Stéphane Mauvais, in Annecy, expert in industrial innovation.

🎧 How compost is transforming urban design and development in Australia, by Mike Twemlow
Mike Twemlow, from Edge Environment, Circulab community member, spoke on the "Cool Compost" podcast to detail the benefits of compost applications in the built environment, and the results of a 8 month trial completed for a motorway. "Cool Compost" is a one-stop online information resource launched by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in partnership with Circular Australia. ➜ Listen to the podcast.

📚 Leveraging Stakeholders to Grow Open-source Hardware Business Models, by Laetitia Thomas
The Journal of Innovation Economics and Management published an article co-authored by Laetitia, Circulab community member in Grenoble, and Karine Sevrard Emmanuel with a focus on the city of Barcelona looking to understand the interactions among stakeholders supporting Open-Source Hardware.

⚙️ Innovating for change, by Anne Goujon
Anne developed a teaching module for 15 HR, CSR and Supply Chain managers engaged in a course with Rennes School of Business combining her expertise in circular design, lean startup and identification of the company's mission in order to initiate the transformation in companies.

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But who is Joséphine writing to us from the future?
Joséphine is the daughter of our co-founder Brieuc. She is only 5 today, so she probably won't respond if you write to her today. But we will 😃.

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