Design for Regeneration
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Hello everyone,

I hope you are well, you are soon coming out of winter, spring is finally there... You will soon be able to dress less warmly, get back into your favourite t-shirts.

By the way, did you know that in 2033 cotton t-shirts are no longer manufactured?

Indeed, they are now mere vintage pieces that have not all aged well, let's say so. Cotton is not grown much these days, given the amount of water needed for its cultivation and, above all, the total disconnection between the places where it is cultivated and the places where the cotton clothes are worn.

Much less clothing is produced now than in your time, and above all, it is produced only with dormant stocks or locally produced fibres, such as linen or hemp, which require little water and help regenerate the soil. Hoopal in France was among the first to launch this trend in your time with a clothing offer based on reuse, in partnership with Uptrade.

In short, everything has changed in this area too, and you certainly contributed to it.

Enjoy your reading,

Joséphine from 2033

Awakening dormant stocks

Focus on a key challenge for the textile industry

The impacts of clothing production are immense, but increasingly well identified: a garment represents an astronomical consumption of energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, but also discharges micro-plastics and chemical materials, not to mention the associated waste.

However, there is still a subject that is often overlooked: dormant stocks.

Célia Boccard, project manager at Circulab, explains on our blog the origin of these stocks, their impacts and the opportunities they represent for the textile sector.

Are you looking to rethink your fashion brand's business model by using idle stocks?
Circulab and Uptrade, French B2B upcyling platform, are working on a training just for you!

Circular Economy Trends - March 2023

Looking to stay up to date on the latest circular economy news and trends?

Look no further: every month the Circulab community of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories share their selection of articles from the 5 continents.

Latest Circulab News

🇪🇺 European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference  
Fabrice Sorin, Head of Circulab Academy, attended the conference held on 27 and 28 February 2023 at the European Commission in Brussels. Elected representatives of the European Commission, companies and NGOs debated on the progress, obstacles and opportunities of the circular economy in Europe. The conference showed that the circular economy is at the heart of the European Green Deal, that 11 to 12 billion euros of public and private funding are going to the circular economy in Europe through multiple investment vehicles (Horizon, LIFE, Impact Fund and Critical Material Fund, among others).

As Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, said: "If you don't start with Design, then good luck in deploying a Circular Economy". Watch the replay of the conference sessions.

📑 Report on a training project at UNESCO / UNEVOC
Fabrice Sorin presented the recommendations of the final report of a training project at UNESCO / UNEVOC headquarters in Bonn. Circulab's recommendations on the need to anchor training on the circular economy in a playful approach adapted to the socio-economic specificities of a territory correspond to the growing interest of UNESCO / UNEVOC on the subjects of circular economy, resilience of territories and on the need to integrate these subjects in the pedagogical contents of the 150+ training centres throughout the world.

👩‍🎓 News from the ESSEC Global Circular Economy Chair
At the end of March, Justine Laurent, Circulab's Managing Director, is closing the course “From Linear to Circular” of the ESSEC Global Circular Economy Chair. As head of learning of this chair and main external lecturer, she teached to the 35 international students the fundamental of Circular Economy : main schools of thoughts, communications and measures, regulations and public policies, applications for cities and businesses as well as behavioural change.

🎙Circular collaborations podcast
Justine Laurent was featured in the first episode of a series of podcasts focused on the experts of the circular economy. Justine talked about the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy pushing various industries to reduce their impact as well as the importance to embark stakeholders from day 1 and to look outside your current industry to find solutions. Listen to the episode here

Circulab Community Highlights

What are the community members up to?

🤝 Launch of Asia Circular Economy Association (ACEA), by Harry Li
ACEA will be formally launched on July 7th in Hong Kong with a full day of presentations and panel discussions, including a workshop on Circulab's methodology. Follow the association's founder Harry Li to learn more about the launch.

🌱 A productivity tool for landscapers, by Michel Wolfstirn
SquareRoot is a smart plant database with over 2000 species produced in Norway with several features allowing landscapers to plan, share and collaborate. The tool is available in Norwegian and in English.

🇳🇱 What's on in the Netherlands, by Taco Snippen
What to learn the latest and greatest in circular economy in the Netherlands? Check this detailed overview of the latest Dutch national week of circular economy provided by Taco where he also shares the latest on the circular procurement course he is developing on Circulab Academy with a co-member of Circulab community from Australia, Andrew Thomson.

🎙 The bulk: how to free products and consumers from the packaging, by Colienne Regout
On the occasion of the month of bulk Colienne welcomed on her podcast Celia Rennesson, the founder of Réseau Vrac, the Bulk Network federating more than 1500 professionals in the sector, and Elsa Bortuzzo, the co-founder of Yokoumi, a cosmetic brand working with more than 200 refill points of sale. Listen to the episode here

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But who is Joséphine writing to us from the future?
Joséphine is the daughter of our co-founder Brieuc. She is only 5 today, so she probably won't respond if you write to her today. But we will 😃.

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