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Hello ,

Have you heard of the quantum leap?

It is something I recently learnt with my tutor as I asked to know more about the 2020 decade that you are only starting (I'm still writing to you from 2031). I wanted to understand why so many changes happened so fast as my parents regularly tell me "you cannot imagine how far our expectations were from what the situation is really now".

So, you probably might be in the same situation as my parents. You try to act to change yourself, your family, your neighbors, your work or even your country for some of you but you may feel that change is not happening fast enough.

Do not worry your efforts are far from being useless. The world is evolving through yet another step of its evolution and it takes time.

However, like mycelium growing all year round, suddenly it pops up everywhere from one day to another like mushrooms. The quantum leap works the same way and the change we all wish for will happen soon.

Each time you convince someone or achieve something in the right direction, remember that you are part of an invisible effort that will enable the entire society to change overnight.

Keep up your efforts, the quantum leap is coming!

Challenges in inventory management

Inventory management, from scarcity to accumulation

This month, we took a look at inventory management during the pandemic outbreak. From empty shelves in grocery stores to entire clothing collections unsold and building up in warehouses, this part of the supply chain is going though a major crisis.

These events are just the tip of the iceberg of the complexity of our world and very much linked to hyper-consumerism. Such crisis will push us to reconsider our approach and we encourage organizations to embrace systems thinking to therefore improve sustainability...

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Promoting Circular Economy at all levels

In 2017, 33 major french companies committed to the circular economy. From freelancers to large corporations, there is a genuine interest in circular design. Today, Circulab is working with Orange, a leading telecommunications corporation to train its designers.

Countries are also getting more and more involved and support entrepreneurs to make the new generation of businesses more responsible. For instance, Europe has launched a pre-acceleration program called "European Coworkings in Challenging times".
Within this context, Circulab has completed a 12-week training and mentoring session for the Escuela de Organizacion Industrial and Impact HUB Madrid during which Brieuc and Justine advised and encouraged 3 groups of Spanish entrepreneurs in the sectors of sustainable digital transformation, social innovation or action for nature.

Moreover, the end of single-use plastic has become a popular topic worldwide. Beyond "plastic bashing", this is a real opportunity to end single-use plastic and break free from fossil resources.
While Rwanda has been plastic bag free since 2008, the UK is taking action with the Plastics Pact, the City of Paris with whom Circulab has been working with since 2019 published a 2020-2021 action plan with 6 strategic axes and has created a network of actors committed to end single-use plastic by 2024.

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Highlights of the community

Accomplishments of our members

In France, Florence Béduneau-Chassaing taught the teams of Squiz-Ma Bonne étoile how to embrace circular economy with the Circulab toolbox.

In the USA, Behnosh Najafi published a very interesting article on the topic  “Designing for humans in a circular economy”.

In education, HEP Education has designed a new game with biomimicry with CEEBIOS and the Institute for Desirable Futures.

Our next events

Virtual events

Zero Waste Clothing Circular Design Workshop (in French)
16th April

Face to face events in France

Frugal Innovation x ENSCI-Les Ateliers
Paris - 2Oth April

Business Models & Circular Economy
Nantes - 21th April


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