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Hi everyone,

I know you are probably in a rush as the end of year celebrations are fast approaching. You are also likely rushing to finalise your last gift purchases, like my father who would not think about it until the day before... 😬

Speaking about that, he told me a few days ago that second-hand products were not so common in your time, as people thought pre-owned goods were not acceptable as presents. He even had to convince my grandfather not to buy brand new goods as presents for birthdays, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Today, in 2032, it's just a normal thing! It took a while of course for second-hand gifts to become mainstream but I later realized that my first bike, most of my Playmobils and my first fancy dress were not new when I got them, but they still made so happy!

So for these holidays, turn to second-hand products, you will encourage your fellow citizens to adopt reuse as the default settings for gift purchases.

And why not share this newsletter with your colleagues to wish them happy holidays? 😉

Best wishes to all of you from Circulab and the Circulab community!

Enjoy your reading,
Joséphine from 2032

A year in Circular & Regenerative economy

People, projects and events that marked us this year

As the Circulab community came together earlier this month in Paris for its annual gathering, we asked them to share 1 key figure, 1 personality and 1 project or book related to the circular & regenerative economy that marked their year.

So, instead of a shopping list for the holidays, we prepared for you a quick list of key figures to remember from this year, key people to follow and key projects to discover or books to read during the holidays.

Already thinking about those New Year resolutions? How about taking your first steps into the Circular Economy?
The holiday downtime might be the best moment to follow our 2-hour free interactive course, discover the concept and learn how to start applying Circular Economy principles in your business activity.

Circular Economy Trends - December 2022

Looking to stay up to date on the latest circular economy news and trends?

Look no further: every month the Circulab community of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories share their selection of articles from the 5 continents.

Latest Circulab News

🌳 Climate and Biodiversity Action Pact of the city of Paris
Circulab joined 52 Parisian companies and institutions who have committed to a sustainable future through various actions such as water recovery or financing of urban agricultural projects. Initiated ten years ago, the Pact aims to involve all the players on the territory so that they act together in favor of the climate and biodiversity.

👩‍🎓 Training change makers in Kosovo
As part of a CSR network and GIZ project in Kosovo, Justine Laurent, Farid Nallim, Andrea Nallim and Fabrice Sorin delivered an extensive training for university teachers, consultants, entrepreneurs and public authority decision makers on the Circular Economy. This training will enable these change agents to train local stakeholders and greatly contribute to the deployment of Circular Economy initiatives in the Balkans area.

🎤 International Symposium on the 2030 SDG Agenda
Circulab's Fabrice Sorin participated in a roundtable on the Circular Economy contribution to the Sustainable Development goals, organised by the Chilean technical university INACAP and by the UNESCO.

📚 Circulab's training on circular business models adopted by NAIT
The leading polytechnic university of Alberta (Canada), the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), integrated Circulab's training course on Circular Business Models into their continuous education program.

Circulab Community Highlights

What are the community members up to?

🙌 6,100+ people impacted by the Circulab community in 2022
Circulab community members from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey got together for an annual community day in Paris on December 2nd. In an action packed day, international experts in product design, biomimicry, carbon footprint, low carbon mobility, regeneration, PaaS, etc... were gathered in one (big) room. An occasion to celebrate our collective achievements this year and to build the future of this collective of 80+ experts in circular and regenerative economy active in 19 territories across the world.

👩‍💼 Circular Economy hackathon for a building management group, by Anne Klepper, Dominique Firinga and Florian Cézard
The Circular Day at GA Smart Building, a real estate development and managing company, brought together 40 participants who imagined together 6 practical solutions in order to upcycle construction waste while taking in consideration the users' needs and the financial viability of the projects.

📦 A Euro-Canadian panel on packaging solutions, by Colienne Regout and Anne-Laure Bulliffon
How to protect a product, communicate and offer a great experience, while innovating out of non-renewable materials, eliminating single-use and over-packaging, and regenerating instead of polluting? Anne-Laure and Colienne brought together a high-profile panel of experts, from Canada and Europe to discuss these questions: Jean-François Guillerez from Conestoga College, Toronto; Valerie Langer from Canopy, British Columbia; Geneviève Dionne from Eco Entreprises Québec; Annebeth De Witte from CoPackx, the Netherlands; Arnaud Lancelot from Cozie, France; and Jonne Hellgren from RePack, Finland. Extracts from the discussion will soon be available on Colienne's podcat Unboxing your Packaging

🔍 State of Circularity in Australia, by the ACE Hub with EDGE Environment
EDGE Environment, a member of Circulab community, contributed a chapter on circular thinking transformational potential to this landmark report on the circular economy in Australia. Download the full report here.

✋ Introduction to Circular Economy in Hong Kong, by Harry Li
Asia Circular Economy Association is teaming up with Business Environment Council (BEC) to organize a set of seminars in January allowing to learn the guiding principles of Circular Economy, get an overview of business models and circularity measurements, and much more. Learn more and enroll.

🌱 A "virtuous economic models" workshop for future sustainability advisors in Namur, by Hugues Dethienne
Hugues held an afternoon of trainings for students of the Belgian Eco-Advisory Institute (Institut Eco-Conseil ASBL) preparing to become sustainability advisors. Hugues shared business cases of different regenerative economy models, regeneration measurement tools as well as an overview of Circulab's method and tools.

Our next events and courses

Next online Circulab Academy courses

Activate the Circular Economy - free training
Develop Circular Packaging Solutions
Master Circular Design
January 10th, 2023

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Next physical events

Circular Canvas Demo (FR) - Paris
January 19th

Circulab community member training (FR) - Paris
January 2023

Circular Canvas Demo (FR) - Nantes
January 24th

Circular Canvas Demo (FR&EN) - Bruxelles
February 2nd

Next online events

Circular Canvas Demo (FR)
February 16th

Circular Canvas Demo (EN)
February 14th

Circulab community member training (EN)
January 2023

But who is Joséphine writing to us from the future?
Joséphine is the daughter of our co-founder Brieuc. She is only 5 today, so she probably won't respond if you write to her today. But we will 😃.

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